Graminex’s 6,500 acres of farmland in northwest Ohio encircle our flower pollen processing plant. Here, we take our sustainability pledge seriously. This philosophy has spanned three generations and continues to play an important role in sustaining the health and fertility of the Lake Erie Watershed.

Here are some of the ways we help our fields and, in turn, our communities:


  • We do not irrigate. All rain and snow.
  • We maintain riparian zones to protect wetlands
  • Cover-cropping slows run-off in the winter


  • Graminex® Flower Pollen Extracts™ are pesticide and herbicide free
  • We minimize greenhouse gas emissions with our farmland’s proximity to the adjacent counties and processing plant


  • Our no-till practices decrease erosion and soil degradation
  • Rye grass biomass is used as a green mulch as a weed barrier and to maintain soil moisture
  • We increase organic matter through cover-cropping


  • Graminex® participates in CRP, a USDA program, where farmers agree to remove sensitive land like forested areas from agricultural production and plant species that will improve environmental health and quality.
  • We rotate with non-GMO soybean and non-GMO corn


  • We only grow non-GMO rye
  • Graminex® Flower Pollen Extracts™ are traceable from seed/field to finished good/lot.


  • We’ve developed rye grass seed for cover cropping applications (currently supply 20,000 acres locally)
  • We support farmer’s implementation of crop rotation and cover-cropping practices
  • We sponsor local county 4H programs